Bottega 7 :: branding and logotype

In Italian, the word Bottega means a high end shop or studio; it is a place where the most sophisticated artisans design and produce tailor made products to suit the customers’ requirements.

Here the branding project and logotype design I developed in 2012


Bottega7 is based at heart of Emilia Romagna; Italy. This region is proudly known for its handcrafted knowledge, a place where passion and creativity come together to bring you the ultimate combination of cultural and contemporary solutions in urban design.

Bottega7 proudly represents this heritage through its exceptional quality of creativity and technical skills. The number 7 is a metaphor for the place, the meeting point that brings the customer to discover the Italian design and the high level of product customization.

Bottega7-LogoConcept Bottega7-Logos-01 Bottega7-Logos-02 Bottega7-Logos-03 Bottega7-Logos-04 Bottega7-Logos-05 Bottega7-Logos-06 Bottega7-Logos-07

Bottega7-Nervo Bottega7-kite1

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