James Joyce

A real time photography performance based on the James Joyce’s “The Dead” novel, developed and created together with Città di Ebla.

The audience experience the performance through a 5×4 meters screen, while hearing the amplified dialogues and real sounds that is taking place behind the projected images.
About seven hundred images, captured live on stage, compose the 55 minutes visual narration of the live show.

James Joyce’s short story The Dead, first published in 1914 in his anthology, Dubliners, culminates in a moment of epiphany. At the Morkan sisters’ grand dance and dinner party, a song heard by chance poignantly reminds a married woman of her first love, a young man who died for her sake. The consequences are far reaching, Using real-time, projected, photographic images to counterpoint the action on stage, Citta di Ebla’s production is a strikingly contemporary and impressionistic reinvention of Joyce’s novella, evoking both passion and nostalgia.
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JamesJoyce-0007 JamesJoyce-0020 JamesJoyce-0021 JamesJoyce-0039 JamesJoyce-0048 JamesJoyce-0054 JamesJoyce-0058 JamesJoyce-0062 JamesJoyce-0070 JamesJoyce-0075 JamesJoyce-0076 JamesJoyce-0077 JamesJoyce-0078 James Joyce the Dead real time photography

From the 28th of January to the 1st of February 2014 this performance was presented by the Barbican in association with London International Mime Festival